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9th competition in
MONHEIM (Germany)


Cristina Elena Ciortan (Romania), Competition 2008
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8th International Competition for Young Guitarists
«Andrés Segovia» in Velbert from 18th to 21st June 2014

General Competition Regulations


  • The competition is open to all young guitarists, who are ready to meet the following four conditions:
    • their age matches the frame given below,
    • their performing program corresponds to the guideline which is particularized in a seperate document named "Compulsory Pieces"
    • their application arrives in Velbert within the announced registration period,
    • they accept these "General Competition Regulations".
  • The competition will be performed in three age groups
    The key-date for calculating the age is the 18th June 2014
    • Age group I     under 14 years
    • Age group II   14 - 16 years
    • Age group III  17 - 19 years
  • The period of registration extends from 1st February to 28th February 2014.
  • The number of competitors in each age group is limited. The permission to participate depends on the chronological sequence of the applications.
  • There will be charged an enrolment fee of 50 € (concert tickets for two persons included). This fee is due when the applicants receive the written admission to the competition (about 3 weeks after the end of the registration period).
  • The competitors participate at their own risk, the organizer will not incur any liability.
  • The participants bear all costs for travel, accommodation and food supply.
  • The succession of the performances will be allotted under municipal surveillance. The performance timetable will be printed out in the competition booklet which will not be handed out before the opening festivity.
  • The competition is public. The chief of the organisation exercises property rights.
  • The resolutions of the jury committees are indisputable. Legal recourse is not admitted.
  • The program submitted with the application is binding. The sequence can be altered before beginning of performance. The competition program is to be performed by heart.
  • The jury decides about the participation on the final round of age group III. The program of the final round may not contain pieces which were already presented in the 1st round.
  • The competitors selected from the winners commit themselves to play in the prize winners' concert.
  • The right to record the competition or the prize winners' concert is solely reserved for the organizer. With their application all participants agree on this. The rights of exploitation derived from the recordings are property of the organizer.
  • During performances it may only be photographed in the intervals between the pieces. Video and audio recordings are forbidden to the audience. Mobile telephones must be turned off.
  • It is not allowed that a juror judges an age group in which a pupil of his participates.
  • Until the competition results are announced to the public the jurors are bound to discretion.
  • The members of the jury offer to give advice to each participant after the closing of the competition. These interviews are to be considered as an important supplement to the current studies of the young artists.
  • Five prizes are provided for each age group. It is within the responsibility of the jury not to award all prizes or to split prizes. In case of splitting prizes the amount will be calculated by arithmetic mean.
    For each competitor either the awarded prize or the ranking according to the following 4 categories will be made public:
    "excellent" (25-20 points)
    "very good" (19-17 points)
    "good" (16-14 points)
    "successful participation" (below 14 points).
    The individual point scores will not be published, but the participants can find out their own point score during the final interviews with the jurors.
  • Either the awarded prize, the participation in the Finals (only for age group III) or the achieved category will be attested on the competition certificates.
  • Should any discrepancies occur only the German version of these "General Competition Regulations" is relevant.

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